Sell Your House El Quick O

Good real estate professionals should tell you almost any home can sell quickly, even if it’s not in perfect condition.

You just need to set a realistic — almost always low — price and have an effective marketing plan. Different kinds of buyers constantly scan real estate ads for bargains they can scoop up.

Some buyers may want to purchase your home for rentals or flipping. On the other hand, other buyers just want to buy a home for their own families. They’d prefer to choose their own upgrades and colors, so they’re eager to make repairs and upgrades after purchase in exchange for a lower sales price.

However, you should understand that selling a home traditionally is not a speedy process. To find success with this method, you will have to price to sell — meaning a low, below-market price tag.

Even so, you should make the most of what you have when you want a quick home sale. If you choose to list as for sale by owner (FSBO) or with a real estate agent, the same tips apply. Focus upon these two factors:

Basic Home Staging

Some good, minimal tips for rapidly staging your house include:

  • Cleaning and decluttering the inside.
  • Maintaining lawns and landscaping on the outside.
  • Considering touching up paint and making other cosmetic repairs.

A Solid Marketing Plan

Besides making the most of your home’s appearance, essential parts of your marketing plan should include the sales price and market exposure. The preparations you have to make for your marketing plan will vary based on how you choose to sell your home. For example:

  • Using a real estate agent: Ensure they have a solid marketing plan for the kind of fast sale you hope to make. Ask agents about prior experience with this sort of quick deal for a house in as-is condition. They should know how to set a price that will attract buyers and where to advertise. They may even have contacts with buyers in the market for this kind of deal.
  • Selling your home yourself: Do some research about the best places to list your home for maximum attention. Make it clear that you want to sell your home or condo fast and in as-is condition, you’ve set your price accordingly and are serious about making a quick deal. You can look at recent sales and then make a realistic assessment of the value of your own home in comparison.

The bottom line? If you want to sell your home quickly, you will need to give buyers a deal they want to jump on immediately.

Light staging may help catch the attention of buyers, but there’s no time for a massive overhaul. Marketing to the masses may improve your chances of finding the right buyer, but even so, there is still no guarantee they will be willing to purchase a home within a week.

Price is the name of the game when it comes to quick sales when going the traditional route, which means you may have to settle for a lower value than your home is worth. We buy houses in Orland Park

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